Gramin Bank Of Aryavart - Rupay Debit Card

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We are pleased to introduce Gramin Bank Of Aryavart RuPay Debit Card which provides you anywhere, anytime banking facilities. Having this card in your wallet is like carrying your bank account with you wherever you go. This card comes with enhanced security feature as it is a PIN based card i.e. PIN is mandatory in order to perform transactions at Merchant Establishments (POS)


ATM cum Debit Cards - Precautions For Secure Card Transactions

  • Change your PIN after first usage & periodically after that.

  • Never keep the PIN with the card. Never write it on the card. Best to memorize it.

  • Register your Mobile number at the Branch to get SMS alerts for all transactions.

  • If you lose your card Hot list it immediately. Call 022-40429123.

  • Do not provide ATM card & PIN details to anyone, not even to the Bank / IBA / RBI / Govt. Agency. Bank or any other institution will never ask for this information.

  • Hide keypad with one hand while keying in your PIN at ATM / POS terminals.

  • Do not let strangers come in to the ATM room while you are doing your transaction, and do not take help of strangers at ATM.

  • Insist on swiping your card in your presence in hotels/shops/malls etc.

  • Don't throw your transactions slip in ATM room.

  • Don't transact if you observe any attachments or unusual devices connected to the ATM.

  • Check your account statement periodically.